This is the Wiki for Social Studies Methods- Fall 2011

Because we will have limited time to meet "face-to face" during Fall term, I will use the Wiki as a way to upload readings and assignments.
Note that links to the Wiki pages are to the left.
  • Assignments: Check here regularly.
  • Idaho Content Standards: These are pdf files of the secondary (6-12) content standards in History and in the other Social Studies (Geography, Economics, Government) plus Concepts/Vocabulary for each area
  • Links to Teacher Resources: Because we will emphasize digital resources, this page contains links to resources useful to Social Studies teachers. I will update this page as I find interesting links. You can also add links.
  • Stripling Model of Inquiry: A central understanding of this class is that Social Studies education should be inquiry based. We will discuss this in class, but take a look at the Stripling Model to see the inquiry process.
  • Syllabus: A pdf copy of the syllabus
  • Teaching History in the Digital Classroom: I will upload pdf chapters from the text to this page. We will not be reading the complete text, but if you wish to buy a copy, you may. You can buy a paperback copy here: Amazon for $32.00 or you can buy a digital version from Google books here: Google eBooks for $17.02