Tony's Inquiry Lesson Plan and Entrepreneurship Unit:

Alyssa's Unit Assignment:

Chapter 1- text-
What were the origins of the Social Studies?
a) How had history as a discipline changed by the late 19th century?

b) What was the NEA's Committee of Ten? What did the committee recommend concerning the teaching of history grades 5-12?

c) What did the 1899 "Committee of 7" recommend concerning the scope and sequencing of high school history?

d) What did the educational "Progressives" see to be the purpose of history education?

e) What did the NEA's 1913-1916 reports advocate? What were the "Social Studies? What were the central aims of Social Studies education? What was the recommended scope and sequence of social studies?

f) Following World War one, The National Council for the Social Studies was created. Why was this significant?

g What were key components of Herold Rugg's ten principles of curriculum design? Why did principles 9-10 cause problems?

h) The 1960's through the 1980's resulted in a resurgent of the Social Studies. What influence did the following have: Hunt & Metcalf, Shirley Engle, Jerome Bruner, the "new" social studies?

i) A Nation at Risk, The Bradley Commission, and NCLB have resulted in a resurgence of History vs Social Studies. Why?